From The Private Collection Of The
Forex Megadroid Creators Comes The
Most Profitable And Accurate EUR/CHF
Forex Robot In The Industry (NOT FOR SALE!)...


“The Swissy Accu-Scalper Robot”


One Chance To Get It At No Cost... One Chance To Access Our
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* 739.93% Net Profit In 2006
* 617.98% Net Profit In 2007
* 771.03% Net Profit In 2008
* 1,039.39% Net Profit In 2009
* 219.05% Net Profit In 2010
(in just 3 months)
--> Accuracy Rate: 90.64%!


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Dear Forex Trader,

As you know, both John and I have been trading Forex for many years. Our success as a team derives from our combined experience of trading the markets for so long through the lucrative jobs we have held in the industry...

...but, most important, from the synergy that our combined efforts bring about.

Proof of this is our first commercial robot, Forex Megadroid, which is the absolute best solution for traders searching for an automated option and/or diversification in their trading.

Forex Megadroid has been used by thousands of satisfied traders around the globe... traders who prefer automated solutions and traders who prefer manual trading too.

Yes, you read correctly - by both MANUAL *and* AUTOMATED-biased FX traders!

Since the launch of Forex Megadroid, we have been working very closely with many of our clients... researching their needs and trading styles.


What we discovered is that many Forex traders actually use a
combination of scalping robots and swing-trading robots...

...profiting from both sides of the equation.


What does this mean?

Quite simply, intelligent FX traders know that in order to completely exploit the profitability of the Forex market, you have to take advantage of different trading strategies simultaneously.

That's correct... many traders use a combination of trading strategies and profit very well from both.

However, the KEY is not the combination of the two trading styles, but that each one is independently very profitable.



From John And Albert's Private Collection:

The Swissy Accu-Scalper Robot


We work very hard when it comes to developing accurate and profitable Forex robots...

As we said earlier, although it's the best commercial Forex robot in the market, although it's a truly consistent money maker...

...Forex Megadroid is just the tip of the iceberg.

Over the past 9 months, we have been working very hard to develop robots that perform equally well (or even better) than Forex Megadroid BUT with other currency pairs.

Most people don't realize or appreciate this, but it's a HARD job!

Unfortunately, most Forex robot vendors make it appear that producing a good Forex robot is an easy thing to do... but we all know the end result of trading these robots... ACCOUNT DEPLETION at best and ACCOUNT DECIMATION at worst!

Producing a good Forex robot definitely takes more than a fancy sales page and some hand-picked performance proof.

Ok... let's dig into “The Swissy Accu-Scalper” robot and why we are so proud of it...

EUR/CHF is a currency pair that presents a lot of opportunity for scalpers. It is a pair that, during specific times of the daily trading session, offers trades with excellent risk/reward ratios.

We have been working very hard to understand the behavor of this market but, it's one thing to know that there is potential opportunity in trading a certain currency pair, it's another thing entirely to convert that potential into an automated trading strategy!


After Literally Countless Hours Of Research And Development, Strategy Testing And “Out Of The Box” Idea Implementation, We Managed To Find The Right Strategy...
The Right Time & Price Combination...


...and the results were simply astounding!

And... when we say 'astounding', we really mean it! Astounding in terms of:


-> Profitability

-> Accuracy

-> Consistency

-> Draw-Down


We don't know if you have ever tried developing a trading strategy but, if you have, you will know that amazing feeling that comes after hundreds (sometimes thousands) of hours of development effort when you finally manage to “unlock the code”, so to speak.

...and no, we are *not* trying to say that it's all about finding a secret combination to a secret code (we will leave that to the other 99% of Forex robot vendors who enjoy that kind of marketing gimmick!)

If you have been manipulated into believing there is a “secret key” to a “secret code” allow us to contribute our little reality check!

It's not and never will be about secret codes, keys, formulas etc... IT'S ALL ABOUT HARD WORK AND DEDICATION!

But, do you know what?... don't take our word for it - let the RESULTS speak for themselves!

Here are the fruits of our sleepless nights and countless hours of research and development...








Swissy Accu-Scalper Trader-By-Trade Results

You can view details of each individual year of trading...
...just click the year you wish to view from the list below:

2010 | 2009 | 2008 | 2007 | 2006

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Now... we are not going to go on and on trying to convince anyone just how great the Swissy Accu-Scalper Robot is... it all boils down to whether you can read trade stats or not!



Get The “Swissy Accu-Scalper” Robot As A Special Bonus From Us
(Not For Sale)



-->Why aren't we selling Swissy Accu-Scalper?

-->How can you get a copy of this incredibly accurate and profitable robot?


Well... let's start with why we are not selling it...

For us, trading is a profession... it's not about trying to come up with a new product to introduce to the market every week (like many online marketers).

Yes - we enjoy sharing our work with people, like we did with Forex Megadroid... but that's just a small part of who we are.

Our day doesn't revolve around producing new products to market... BUT, to produce and develop new products so we can trade and profit from them.

Now... just so that you understand how secretive and private we are regarding our newly developed trading solutions, pay close attention to the following...

To date, we had exactly 1,218 requests from Forex traders around the globe to buy a Swissy Accu-Scalper license.

We ended up granting a license to less than 0.1% of those people! That's correct...


After A Lot Of Persuasion From A Small And Select Group Of Forex Traders, We Ended Up Granting Those Licenses At A Cost Of US $997 Per Copy.


Swissy Accu-Scalper never has been, and never will be, a commercial robot... we don't mind allowing a small, select group of traders to enjoy its performance and uniqueness...but we will never, ever mass release it.

This robot will always be kept within a small inner-circle... an inner circle that will know what it means to enjoy access to our private collection.

So... back to the earlier initial question: How can you get a copy of this incredibly accurate and profitable robot?

Well, quite simple...

If you are reading this page then you are a subscriber to our mailing list... as such, you are entitled to have the opportunity of being part of what we do... to enjoy what we create.

Now... since Swissy Accu-Scalper is not for sale, and since there is so much demand for the robot, John and I decided to reach a middle ground which we wouldn't even CONSIDER if it wasn't going to benefit our subscribers.

We will NOT ask $997 for it...

...we actually decided that we would provide it to a very small group of traders at absolutely no cost.

How? Well... please pay close attention:

As you know, we rarely recommend any Forex products... and we can tell you that we see 10's of them every single WEEK!

However, if we ever do recommend a Forex trading product, it's because we studied it and we believe in it... we believe it will truly add to a trader's bottom line.

Now... you know that we are currently promoting a new system - sRs TrendRider.

A lot of buzz has been building around this magnificent and original Forex trading product.

Now... being our subscriber means enjoying benefits that others don't and won't enjoy.

One of these benefits is having access to our special development efforts, all based on our accumulated and combined knowledge plus our years of experience.

So... to the point.


After A LOT OF THOUGHT we have decided to reward our subscribers who invest in their education as Forex traders... those subscribers who take their involvement in this profession seriously.


What does that mean? Simple...

Any of our subscribers who buy the sRs TrendRider system through our link will automatically receive a copy of the Swissy Accu-Scalper Robot from our private collection at absolutely no cost.

This is a rare opportunity to access our exclusive private works that NO-ONE will ever have access to again.

This is a chance to own a lifetime license (at no cost) to a masterpiece of automated FX trading software which many people lined up to buy for $997.

So... please pay close attention!

You have two options:

Option #1:

Use the link below. By clicking it, you will be buying sRs TrendRider via our link and will be able to download Swissy Accu-ScalperIMMEDIATELY after completing your purchase by using the link at the bottom of this page.

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IMPORTANT: Ensure that "[affiliate = fxdroid]" is displayed at the bottom of the ClickBank payment page or you will not receive your Swissy Accu-Scalper license!

Option #2:

You may use any of the purchase links we send you by email.

By clicking our link and purchasing IMMEDIATELY after reviewing the sales page, you will automatically qualify to receive a complimentary copy of Swissy Accu-Scalper™... and yes, it will be available for download immediately after completing your purchase by using the link at the bottom of this page.


The *only* ways to get the Swissy Accu-Scalper™ bonus are to:

1. Use the above link, OR

2. Use the link in the email we sent you


To avoid delays in receiving your Swissy Accu-Scalper™ bonus (and future updates), please ensure that you white-list support [at] to prevent our notification emails being filtered or blocked.

How To Access Your Bonus:

After completing your purchase of "sRs TrendRider" via one of our links, please click HERE to access the Bonus Registration page.



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